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About Us


It’s time to re-use.

One person’s trash is another person's treasure!

This website was created to advantage the general public and trade to benefit from excess stock, left over material, end of line items, non-returnable goods and the like from projects, developments, renovations coming to an end, it can be reused!

If like many you have stock lying around for months if not years, it’s time to move it on.

If a project, development or renovation is coming to an end or you just don’t need it anymore Treasure it, don’t bin it and don’t Trash it!!

Time after time we see valuable items being dumped elsewhere in land fill knowing that someone somewhere could use it.

The resale of these items, products or machinery will reduce rubbish heading to landfill with escalating dumping costs, and Australia being one of the most wasteful countries in the world, what you think may be trash may be something someone else would treasure!

It’s time to re-think the building industry and for the general public and trades person to regenerate.

For example you may have light fittings left over suitable for a room, half a pallet of paver's left over that would suit someone’s backyard, half a length of large copper lying around that you will never use but might be just what someone needs, lengths of timber that you don’t need, perfect for a DIY project, steel bracing, doors, windows, fittings, machinery that you have finished with, plaster electrical, etc etc! It all has a use besides the trash.

With a small fee and easy to advertise site, whether its a project, renovation, development or just stock lying around gathering dust put it up for sale and move it on to the next person that needs it.

All items will create a large online supply site with items available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, perfect for emergencies and BIG savings!!!